Are Aussies starting to use technology to exercise at home?

According to a recent article by 9 News Personal Trainers are starting to be either partially or completely traded in for tablet workouts with the simple click of a button.  This means that individuals now have access to an easy and cheap alternative for fitness inspiration. This is backed up by new research which has...

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Mirror Box Therapy - Pro-align

The use of mirror box therapy in the rehab of the foot and ankle.

The use of mirror box therapy in the rehab of the foot and ankle After an injury to the ankle/ foot complex, we can be left with a foot that feels tighter, painful or even disconnected to the body. Despite active rehab we may still feel a barrier to our progress, our improvement seems to...

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15 Benefits of a Physio Led Pilates Class

15 Benefits of a Physio Led Pilates Class How many of you have been to a Pilates class where there are too many people in a hall trying to follow the instructor who is demonstrating at the front? Have you ever felt unsure if you were doing it right or felt like you weren’t feeling...

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Time to Get Started!

Are you always waiting for the “perfect time” to get started on new projects? To learn a new skill? To eat better? To exercise more? If so, here’s something to think about. When I get a different job. When things are less busy. When I find a workout partner. When I find the right equipment....

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Tips for a flat stomach from Pro-align Pilates

10 Steps To Achieving a Flat Stomach!

Want a flat stomach?  Here our are 10 tips to achieve just that… 1. Hydration Water makes up 60% of our body weight. It is vital to bodily function and survival and is the body’s most important nutrient.  Start the day with a glass of warm water and fresh lemon juice to kick start the...

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The Foam Roller - Pro-align Pilates

The Foam Roller!

The Foam Roller! A decade ago, strength coaches and athletic trainers would have looked quizzically at a 36-inch long cylindrical piece of foam and wondered, “What is that for?” Today, nearly every athletic training room and most strength and conditioning facilities contain an array of foam rollers of different lengths and consistencies. What happened to bring foam...

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Will My Clients Receive a Health Rebate from their Health Fund for a Pilates Session?

Will My Clients Receive a Health Rebate from their Health Fund for a Pilates Session?  Private health rebates for Pilates has been a topic coming up a lot recently and seems to create confusion amongst practitioners.  Should clients claim for Pilates under a Physio extras item number or a Pilates item number?  Click on the image...

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Supplements – Super or Not?

Supplements are a multi million dollar industry these days with almost everyone taking a multivitamin here or a probiotic there without really thinking through exactly why or what they are hoping to achieve in health benefits. In fact, there is some debate about whether supplements are necessary at all and indiscriminate supplementing is almost certainly...

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Physical Literacy……..

Movement literacy is about expanding your repertoire of possible movements. If we were to limit our diet and eat the same few foods every day we could become malnourished. It is important for cellular health that we have a varied diet. We need all of our macro and micro nutrients to remain strong. This is...

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Fascia and Mobility - Pro-align

Fascia and Mobility

The body loves movement!  The longer we stay in one position the shorter, tighter, more dehydrated and unhealthy our tissues become. In the absence of movement our tissues can become stuck together, literally! Small bonds of areolar tissue (connective tissue) form and bind our tissues together making them stiffer and less elastic. By following the...

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