Band-ITS barre – Standing Series


Product Description

This instructional video  shows exercises that can be done standing at the barre. Using the Band-ITS upper limb product we show you a variety of exercises using various levels of resistance. The class includes exercises taken from ballet barre work and also more functional movement exercises to add some further strength and dynamic movement.

The second part of the class is more aligned with traditional ballet barre and gives a great workout to the lower limbs.

If you don’t have access to a barre, there is and introductory set up component for your door anchor so you can still do the programme at home.

This is an instructional video, so you may want to pause and perform more repetitions of each exercise than is shown in the session. Once you are familiar with the exercises you can have it running in the back ground as you train and check in with the verbal watch points as they are given.


I hope you enjoy this session