The following workshops have been created and are delivered by Sally within Australia.

Please contact via the website for expression of interest in hosting a workshop at your venue.


a free educational channel for dancers

This youtube channel is designed to educate the dancer about their body and how to keep it strong and healthy for a lifetime of enjoying dance.

The information is spread over Monday to Friday, covering mobility, technique, workouts and theory.

Learn how to be your own personal trainer and create a strong and injury free body.

‘Your Body, Your Tool, Your Career’

a dancers education programme

20hr workshop for full time dancers inclusive of course notes. (2 days or 10 wks of 2hrs)

This programme provides dance education workshops covering topics such as flexibility, posture, fitness, nutrition, injury prevention and treatment. This course is designed to prepare the dancer and their body for a safe and long lasting career as a professional.

(FT students taught at Transit dance, Melbourne;  UDC, Sydney; Brent St, Sydney)

Band-ITS Barre- 'Strength4dance'

a Barre based strength and conditioning programme for dancers

2 day/ 16hr  workshop with full teaching manual to instruct a full body conditioning programme designed to implement safe resistance training for the dancer.  Resistance is applied for both the lower limbs (targets core and hips) and upper limbs with both functional and classical based technique and repertoire. The programme can be easily implemented into the dance studio with a fixed Barre or performed at home (no Barre needed).

Resistance Training for Dancers

RTD Level 1 & 2- a strength & conditioning programme for dancers

2 day/16hrs workshop with full manual. This programme is presented in partnership with Perfectformphysio.


Barre based training programme 

2 day/16hrs workshop with manual. This course is designed to implement Barre training into your studio or clinic setting. It is open to alleid health professionals and pilates instructors.  This programme is presented in partnership with UniteHeath.

Assess, Treat & Train the Hip & Pelvic Complex

1 day/8hr workshop. Learn how to assess and train the hip and pelvic complex from isolation to full integration and loading. The knowledge can be used with private clients or within your rehab exercise classes or Pilates mat classes.

Assess, Treat & Train the Hip & Pelvic Complex- Online learning

This online learning course covers the same material as the the 1 day face to face workshop.
You will learn to assess the hip and pelvic complex and take treatment from basic level rehab through to higher-level function. The techniques can be implemented in private or group class settings.

The Resistance Band Toolbox

2 hr workshop for Pilates and Personal Trainers  covering 1000 different ways to use resistance band in your classes to challenge the body.