Welcome to Pro-Align

Love the way you Move

Welcome to Pro-align, the home of exercise and wellbeing under the guidance of qualified Physiotherapists.

Pro-align provides you with a programme of classes and individual sessions in Roseville on the North Shore and Darlinghurst in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney based upon the concepts of clinical Pilates, weight and cardio vascular training, mobility and stretches and health and lifestyle coaching. All of our methods and techniques have solid grounding in up to date medical research and evidence based practice.

We are dedicated to the provision of ongoing high quality corrective exercise, rehabilitation and wellbeing services  to help you understand, manage and say goodbye to your back ache, knee pain and neck tightness.

Our classes and personal training  sessions are open to all ages and levels of fitness, so please join us and allow us to motivate you on the journey towards achieving your goals.

Welcome to freedom in movement!

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