Dance Physio

Why Dance Physio?

As a dancer, whether full time, professional or recreational, you want to work with someone that understands what you do.  A Physio that understands the importance of flexibility, the requirements of exam season and Eisteddfords, and someone that won’t tell you to ‘just rest’. Injuries can be devastating, and sometimes even career ending. It is essential to be able to understand your body, how it moves and be able to recognize the early signs of asymmetry and potential injury. This and more will be covered with the following dance specific services;

  • Dance assessment /screening
  • Pre-point assessments
  • Flexibility training
  • Strengthening for the dancers body
  • Pilates and core strengthening

Dance assessment and treatment are supported with the free educational channel strength4dance , which teaches the dancer about safe flexibility, core training, strength work and even tips on health and nutrition.


Why work with Sally ?

Sally worked as a professional dancer for many years so understands what is involved in the process of auditions, contracts, staying fit and living on a budget!

She has been educating full time dancers, in both Sydney and Melbourne schools for over 10 years, on how to create a strong healthy body for a lifetime of dance.

She understands injury, having stopped working as a dancer due to knee surgery, and more importantly how to come back from this feeling stronger then before and still able to perform.