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Victoria Walker

“Thank you so much for all that the Pilates classes have done for me. I now have no lower back pain at all and my tummy has finally recovered from accommodating four children. All the best and congratulations on your really effective classes and fantastic instructors.”

Jan Duff

“When I found out that I had low bone density, I was keen to find an exercise class which would strengthen my muscles and improve balance. Pilates seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I have been going to Pro-Align classes at Roseville once a week for almost a year now, and can definitely feel the benefits. An added bonus is that I can now jump out of bed in the mornings without my lower back protesting! The fact that the classes are run by qualified physiotherapists is very reassuring- I feel I am in safe hands – and the classes are varied and fun.”


“I have tried pilates at several different places before I found pro-align, and what sets it apart from the others is the knowledge and expertise of the teachers. Sally is an exceptional teacher who never disapoints, she constantly varies the class so it is not predictable or boring, challenges us and makes it enjoyable.It really is the best pilates workout I have experienced and I would highly recommend it”


“The difference between these classes and others I’ve done is the way you are encouraged to visualise the muscles being worked in the exercise. You are not just blindly following the exercise but thinking about them and this then carries over to my everyday life. I love the fact that the instructors are physiotherapists. This means any physical issues I have during the term are given careful consideration and exercises are adjusted accordingly”


“If you have tried a number of physiotherapists and have been unsucessful, then look no further! I would highly recommend pro-align for personal training, physiotherapy, pilates and rehab. Sally is enthusiastic, energetic,motivating and entertaining in her explanations. Thankyou for making my recovery fun!”


“I am a 64 year old retired physiotherapist who has been attending Sally’s Pilates classes for nearly 5 years and find them excellent. Sally has a wonderful combination of physiotherapy knowledge in anatomy and physiology and a dance background. Every exercise is demonstrated perfectly so we have something to aim for. No two classes are ever exactly the same so we are never bored. The classes take us through all parts of the body, gently stretching and strengthening with the emphasis on core stability, balance and good posture-working against those changes of ageing. I dont know how anyone grows old and remains fit without pilates. And it is fun!”

My testimonial re Pilates & personal training with Sally and Emily

I hadn’t had any idea about Pilates and fitness training before I met Sally in the park. Her professionalism and encouragement convinced me to give it a go. I remember in the first few sessions, I felt quite frustrated for I was slow to learn. But Sally has been most patient and helpful; she continues to correct me and help me to develop a confidence in myself. Sally has this amazing commanding flair that I feel I can trust her. Now I have been in the Pilates class for almost two years and really enjoy challenging myself.

I am presently taught by Emily in the Tuesday evening class and find myself making wonderful progress. Over the months, I have built up strength especially in my back, arms and legs. Although in my mid-fifties, I feel fit and strong. Two months ago while overseas, I had a very nasty fall on a staircase; but I have recovered 100% quite quickly. I think it’s due to my ongoing training in Pilates. Besides, my knee pain has gone, now I can enjoy jogging again. I strongly recommend everyone to try out training with Pro-align. Other than Pilates teachers, the instructors are also physiotherapists who really look after our bodily health.


“After spending the last 8 years with back and core issues, I had come to rely on my physio to sort me out! Not only was this expensive but also I realised I was never going to improve. Fortunately my physio introduced me to Sally and after only 1.5 terms of regular pilates I am a new person. I not only love the fact that no 2 classes are the same, but I have a new sense of confidence that I can be the healthy, active person I used to be!”

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