Healthy supplementation for wellness & vitality

(Sally is a Metagenics provider. Private consultations are required)

Achieving Health With Natural Medicine……………..

“I just don’t have enough time” how many times have we said this?

Our busy lives and schedules leave us feeling tired and stressed. Stress has a huge impact on the body affecting the digestive system, immune system and adrenals. It is one of the main reasons for systemic inflammation and disease.

It is true to say that most disease today is caused by chronic inflammation and congestion of the system.  Our bodies are just too overloaded to be able to repair fast enough.

So what can we do to help manage the system and keep it at a threshold wherein the body can easily repair.

  1. Good hydration (filtered water)
  2. Balanced nutrition: high in plant substance & basic supplementation
  3. Regular daily movement/mobility exercises
  4. Deep breathing
  5. Positive mind set and mindfulness exercises
  6. Good sleep 7-8hrs

We want to find balance, our yin and yang. Our aim is to support the body in what it does best…heal itself.

Our basic recommended products for wellness/ vitality are:

Fish oil
Pre and probiotics
Multi vitamin /mineral


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