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My Physio led exercise sessions

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Pro-align specialises in clinical Pilates-based ‘functional’ mat work classes.


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Mat classes are traditionally based around floor work; exercises being performed on the back, side, front and on all fours. Our classes also include work in sitting and standing to incorporate a more functional element. The use of small props (resistance ring, small ball, resistance band, foam roller) are integrated into each session to progress the exercises and provide more of a challenge.

At Pro-align we utilise the fundamentals of traditional Pilates and combine it with modern research and elements from more functional based training methods. Arising from our Physiotherapy background the classes have a strong emphasis on correct ‘pre-movement’ activation and the integration into movements that transfer well into activities of daily life. Our leading-edge is ongoing education and ensuring you understand why you are doing the exercises and have a good concept of body awareness and your limits.

Mat classes are suitable for people of any age and fitness level and our classes are graded to help to reflect this.

The benefits of classes with Pro-align are:

  1. Receive hands on personal guidance in small classes of 10 people maximum
  2. Commit to a regular investment in yourself with a ten week course of classes either in Roseville or Darlinghurst
  3. Make the most of your health fund as rebates are available at the end of the term
  4. Flatten that tummy with correct core activation and strengthening of the abdominals
  5. Eliminate or prevent incontinence with understanding and correct activation of the pelvic floor
  6. Change your shape with simple postural cues
  7. Gain the strength you desire to keep up with the kids/ grand kids or even pursue more strenuous exercise goals

Our classes are held in Roseville & Darlinghurst. You can view the two locations here.

We hold 10 week programmes, 4 times a year in line with school terms. You can view our full timetable here.

Pricing varies and depends on whether you want to sign up for a full term or take casual classes. There are also private classes available and health care rebates for seniors. You can view our full pricing options here.

How do I get started?

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  2. Sally will give you a call to answer any questions and determine if these classes are a good fit for you and we will arrange your initial consultation (virtually)
  3. We complete registration and you can start joining our class!

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Ready to learn more?

Register your interest in having a friendly initial consultation with Sally to see if these classes are a good fit for you.

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