S4D – Workshops

These unique exercise programmes have been designed to create a strong and well aligned body for a lifetime of dance.

‘Your Body, Your Tool, Your Career’

a dancers education programme

20hr workshop for full time dancers inclusive of course notes. (3 days or 10 wks of 2hrs)

This programme provides dance education workshops covering topics such as flexibility, posture, fitness, nutrition, injury prevention and treatment. This course is designed to prepare the dancer and their body for a safe and long lasting career as a professional.

(FT students taught at Transit dance, Melbourne;  UDC, Sydney; Brent St, Sydney; Ettingshausens, Sydney )

'S4D' Band-ITS Barre- workshop

a Barre based strength and conditioning programme for dancers

2 day/ 14hr  face to face workshop with full teaching manual to instruct a full body conditioning programme designed to implement safe resistance training for the dancer.  Resistance is applied for both the lower limbs (targets core and hips) and upper limbs with both functional and classical based technique and repertoire.

The programme can be easily implemented into the dance studio with a fixed Barre or performed at home (no Barre needed).

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Coming Soon!

New workshops coming in 2019/20

  1. Band-ITS Core!     a programme which targets the hips, pelvis and core.  Learn to assess the body, release tight areas, isolate the deep stability muscles of the abdomen and hips, integrate them into function, and then strengthen the body as a whole.
  2. Dancers tune up   a specific ball release programme. Myofascial release with the latest research and amazing results.
  3. Band-ITS Body !    a strength and conditioning programme for dancers. No Barre needed. The resistance is attached to you! Loaded movement with complete freedom.
  4. Class pack and manual.      classes to follow at home from the above programmes. Stay strong on the road.
  5. Online Personal training sessions/ Pilates classes / Mobility drills – subscribe to new content being delivered every month. Stay strong wherever you are with live streaming of Physio led exercise sessions for the dancer.